The Simple Power of Purpose.

This is great reminder that sometimes the simple way is the best way. You can use this in companies of every size.

“We recently asked our leadership to bring a memento to a recent company meeting that reminds them of a time when they were at their best as a leader, parent, spouse or teammate. People arrived carrying everything from a ragged bible to a coffee mug. When the stories began, they were powerful and emotional.

One woman held up a prayer card from her mother’s funeral. She described her mother’s rough start in life: she was abused by her father and ran away from home in her early teens. She described her mother not as a victim, but as a survivor who scraped her way through secretarial school to support herself. She married and had nine children and numerous grandchildren. “She did not look back with regret and blame. She lived a life of optimism and found her purpose was to give her children a strong sense of being able to weather any storm,” the woman told her team. “She influenced my own purpose and direction. Because of her, I strive to be a great mother and a productive, accountable, and self-reliant person and employee.”

We all have personal stories that define our purpose and direction in life. The question becomes, is that personal purpose aligned with the purpose of your organization? ” Source: In Tough Times, Help Your Team Remember Their Purpose – Conversation Starter –

If you’ve lost the power of your company’s purpose, leave a comment or use the contact form.

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