Right Thoughts On Leadership

BusinessWeek has redeemed themselves. Unlike my last post, this guy seems to have a pretty solid understanding of the leadership challenges that businesses of all sizes in all parts of the world will face in the coming years. His main point is that everything comes down to managing people. He’s right!

“I recently completed a trip to Asia that included meetings with a wide range of clients in India, Malaysia, and Singapore. The economy is rebounding in that region much faster than it is in Europe or North America, and that is creating a lot of excitement and opportunity. But, in talking with many executives, this much became obvious: It’s not any easier being a leader these days in Mumbai than it is in New York or London.

These are complex times, whether you are a senior leader in a large corporation, a small business owner, or the manager of a nonprofit. We all face increased competition, skittish global markets, and constant demands for innovation. Without question, complex circumstances are partly to blame for why it’s as difficult as ever to lead effectively.

But there’s more to it than that. Increasingly, we are also responsible for our own leadership struggles. We’re heading into a promising but very uncertain future. To thrive in it, certain leadership skills will be absolutely crucial—and many individual leaders and organizations don’t have all of them.” Source: The Coming Leadership Gap: What You Can Do About It – BusinessWeek.

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