Dynamic Planning & Budgeting 2

In this article you’ll find three great planning tips that relate to my previous post. Don’t get fooled into thinking that they only apply to large companies. They may be more critical in smaller organizations.

“Strategic-planning season has arrived for many companies, and it couldn’t be more different than it has been in years past. Gone are the days of linear trend-extrapolation exercises that produce base, upside, and downside cases. Strategists, now facing the most profoundly uncertain times in their careers, are creating disaster scenarios that would have been unthinkable until recently and making the preservation of cash integral to their strategies.

Most strategists we know are avoiding the obvious mistakes, such as planning as usual or, conversely, eliminating essential strategy-development activities or even strategic planning itself. Nonetheless, strategists remain deeply—and understandably—concerned that the priorities emerging from the annual planning rituals won’t address the demands of today’s tumultuous environment.” Source: Strategic planning: Three tips for 2009 – McKinsey Quarterly – Strategy – Strategic Thinking

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