Adaptability + Flexibility = Organizational Agility

Our FA Leadership Competency Model includes adaptablilty and flexibility as two of the core leaddership competencies for senior executives. When combined and institutionalized throughout an organization the result is organizational agility. As customers and markets begin to emerge from the fog of 2009, this agility will separate market leaders from followers.

“In turbulent markets, organizational agility, which I define as the capacity to identify and capture opportunities more quickly than rivals do, is invaluable. Executives know this: the recent Applied Surveys found that nine out of ten executives ranked organiza-tional agility both as critical to business success and as growing in importance over time.2 The benefits of enhanced agility, according to survey respondents, include higher revenues, more satisfied customers and employees, improved operational efficiency, and a faster time to market.” Source: Competing through organizational agility – McKinsey Quarterly – Strategy – Strategic Thinking

These days it isn’t “the big that eat the little”, it is “the fast that eat the slow”. If organizational speed and agility are issues in your business, leave a comment here or use the Contact Us tab.

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