Growth Requires Change

“Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

                                                      The definition of insanity by Albert Einstein

So to get different results or outcomes, change is necessary.  Change is synonymous or interchangeable with the word Growth.  Just as Albert Einstein suggests, we can’t grow our business by keeping the status quo. We need to do things much differently.

As we plan our future and are looking to do things in an entirely different way, there are four time tested ideas for success.

  1. Have Big Goals
  2. Take Calculated Risks
  3. No One Does It Alone
  4. Never Give Up

I’d like to focus on Number 2, “taking calculated risks”. This doesn’t mean taking on any risk, calculated is the key word in this sentence. I hear far too often, “I’m risk adverse”, and I get that, but you can’t get anywhere from this vantage point. Companies need to take calculated risks if they want to survive because if you are not going forward in business, then you’re going out of business.

As your company looks for improving profitability, growing the business, changing the dynamic, or addressing other business issues, these four success factors will be a good guide. If you don’t want to “Do It Alone”, call me and let’s talk. You can reach me by replying to this post or using the “Contact Us” tab.

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