Leading in Tough Times

Leading is a time consuming and difficult task at any time, but when times are tough, it becomes exponentially more difficult. It is human nature to get “down” during these times and we all go through it.

“When times are tough, our natural tendency is to hunker down. Battle lines are drawn. Organizational silos get taller. Worldviews shrink, attitudes narrow and positions tighten.
All too often, boundaries create borders that divide groups into Us and Them. The result can be fractured relationships, diminished resources, suboptimal results and divisive conflict. ” Source: e-Newsletter March 2012: Three Boundary Spanning Ideas – Center for Creative Leadership

Leaders know instinctively that they must remain positive even in the face of the most daunting challenges. The leader sets the tone of the organization but faces the aforementioned challenges in addition to trying to remain positive.

“It’s lonely at the top”, is an accurate portrayal and one that at times can feel overwhelming. There’s so many things to do with such little time.

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