Leadership – What To Do?

It is intuitive that leadership and developing leaders is critical to the sustainability of any organization. There are tons of articles, posts, seminars, etc. on the subject and the excerpt below accurately states how most people feel.

“”There are no simple, existing models or programs that are sufficient to develop the levels of collective leadership needed to meet an increasingly complex future,” says Nick Petrie.” Source: e-Newsletter May 2012: Trend Watch: A New Era of Innovation – Center for Creative Leadership

That doesn’t mean we throw in the towel on developing leaders. I suggest that determining a plan of action for leadership development, even if it doesn’t deliver everything we hoped for, is better than no plan. The key is to get comfortable with a model and imbed that into your culture.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the leadership “stuff” out there, an outsider’s perspective may help. You can reach me through the “Contact Us” tab. 

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