Strategy Execution – Why Doesn’t It Work?

 The decision has been made to work on strategic transformation and with much fanfare, meetings, and group lunches a document is developed. Unfortunately, it sits on everyone’s desk and by this time next year, the results are dismal.

A majority of companies say they struggle with strategy execution and even those that don’t admit it, find it challenging to do. Problems in execution are sometimes due to poor mapping of strategic goals to projects and tasks. That lack of detailed planning certainly undermines execution, but there is often a more subtle reason at play that’s responsible for organization’s struggles with execution. It has to do with failing to properly manage change.

Change is difficult for everyone and each has his/her own “tolerance” for change. The culture of the company has to encourage change if that is the desired result. There are “Three Stages” in a business culture.

They are: Compliance, Commitment, and Embedded/Encoded. Getting to that third level is the most difficult and the one that impedes progress.

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