The Enabling Power of Trust

Arguably, trust is the most important component of a corporate culture and so much, if not everything of a company’s strategy, is anchored in this foundation. Trust, in and of itself though is not an action but rather the outcome of actions fueled by the underlying belief system of the individuals leading the organization.

“Trust and engagement are twin engines; as you increase trust it drives engagement and becomes a virtuous upward cycle.

If people don’t trust you, they won’t engage no matter how many other drivers are working. Employees need to trust you have their best interests in mind.

When you move the needle on trust you will increase engagement.” Source: Leaders: Trust Can Change Everything « Linked 2 Leadership

If you’re not satisfied with your results, it may be time to hold up the cultural mirror to see what’s holding you back. This can be hard to do from the inside. At Foxwood, we have the training and objectivity to help you see how beliefs and culture are influencing performance. If you’d like to talk, you can reach me off my profile page or through the “Contact Us” tab.

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