Strategic Planning – Isn’t it Time?

“If you don’t take time out to think about your business, you’ll have plenty of time to think about your business.”  Ram Charan – Author

If you have never undertaken a strategic planning process, maybe it’s time to follow this Best Practice. Similarly, if you have completed a strategic plan, maybe a fresh approach may be of value.

Here’s an excerpt from the Strategy & Corporate Strategic  Planning Exchange:

•” The driver for strategic planning in high success organizations is ‘Routine periodic process in our organization.’ Whereas in low success organizations, the driver for planning is ‘Driven by significant risks/challenges’.
• Successful organizations report having successful plan implementation practices; low success organizations report that they do not have successful implementation practices.
• Highly successful organizations report that strategic planning has high impact on overall organizational success. Low success organizations do not report strategic planning as key to overall organizational success.”

Is your company a “high success” or “low success” organization? Maybe strategic planning can elevate you to that high success area.

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