Leadership Development: Who’s Responsible?

This is a good question. Owners/CEO’s do not always have time to develop their immediate direct report’s leadership skills.  They can however, release the abilities from within those individuals to move forward as better leaders. 

People must own their development. The current model encourages people to believe that someone else is responsible for their development — human resources, their manager or trainers. But people develop fastest when they feel responsible for their own progress.

“We need to help people out of the passenger seat and into the driver’s seat of their own development,” says Petrie.” Source: e-Newsletter November 2012: Developing Leaders: Today’s Methods vs. Tomorrow’s Problems – Center for Creative Leadership

Leadership can be learned.  Leaders aren’t born, we’re all born, it’s what you do with what you have that matters. Individuals need to be enabled to become better leaders and that’s how Owners and Managers can get the initiative started.

If you’re wondering how to get started, maybe we can help.  Simply reply to this post or hit the “Contact Us” tab.

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