A New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of year again, to make a resolution to get in shape or from a company perspective tackle those sticky issues. ie. The Elephant in the Room. This like many resolutions continues to go unresolved because the issue is “too tough to address” and therefore lingers for another year or more.

“What happens when your leadership begins to ignore the “Elephant In The Room”? What do you do as an employee or team member in order to NOT put your managers on the spot? How do we address issues that are obviously being ignored for some apparent reason? Depending on the issue and what it consists of, obviously the “Elephant In The Room” problem really needs to be addressed, but from what angle? How do we approach any given situation systematically to properly deal with these types of major and/or “apparent” issues?”   

There are many ways to address these seemingly insurmountable problems, but because there are so many questions, it’s difficult to get started. 

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