It Isn’t a Leadership Issue

Sometimes people confuse the lack of movement of an organization with the lack of leadership. That’s because things aren’t improving or they aren’t improving fast enough, so it must be the guy in the corner office.  It more than likely is a change issue.

“If an organization needs to undergo significant change, that’s a leadership issue, right? Old dogs will learn new tricks when the lead dog — or ape, or penguin, depending on the management fable of the moment — shows them off. Leaders need to craft compelling elevator speeches, relentlessly deliver the message of change, and above all, walk the talk.

How, then, does one lead the changing of an organization, whether it is a company, business unit, service line, department, or work unit? By changing the work systems that comprise the work environment around the people whose behavior is supposed to change. Therein lies the key to successful, embedded, and sustained change: alter the environment, and people will adapt to it. Call it a species strength. We behave based on the reality around us.” Change Management is Bigger than Leadership, Gregory Shea.

If you want to impart real change, change the work systems and you will get the embedded cultural change desired. If you need help with this or are looking for some new ideas, just hit the Contact Us tab or reply to this post.

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