Do You Get Advice with Integrity?

As a business owner you  probably succeeded from the ground up, relied on your  intuition, made gut decisions, and had trusting relationships in the decision making process, so the success you generated was all You. Now that your business has grown exponentially and has more than one layer, how has the decision making process changed? More than likely, you have a leadership team comprised of trusted employees. But are you getting the whole truth?

“As a leader you need to talk to someone who is not dependent on you and will be truly honest. Someone who gives you constructive positive and negative feedback. Who tells you the whole truth and gives you constructive criticism? Do you feel you get valuable and honest feedback from colleagues on proposals and ideas? How do you determine the whole truth about what’s really going on in a department where there is a problem? Do you know, or have a feeling about, who’s honest with you and who’s not? Is it ever possible for a leader to get the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” Catarina Alexon

I once read about individuals who give advice. There are three types : the Unloving Critic; the Uncritical Lover; and the Loving Critic. You want to have the Loving Critic giving you advice, feedback, and insight. If you are lucky enough to have one in your organization, hang onto him/her. If not, maybe you should consider going outside your company for this support.

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