The Key to Improved Leadership: 360 Degree Feedback

There’s  a tremendous amount of conversation about leadership or the lack thereof in businesses today. It seems like everyone struggles with leadership development. Part of the problem is how to go about developing leaders and what tools are available.

I have found that 360 Degree Feedback is essential in helping individuals  identify their “areas of opportunity”, through input from multiple sources. This feedback comes from their Managers, Direct Reports, Colleagues, Customers and even their friends.

Why is 360 degree feedback important?  

1.        It provides employee an opportunity to receive performance feedback from his team,
supervisor, reporting staff and his customers.

2          It allows an individual to understand his effectiveness as an employee and as team

3.        It helps employees recognize their strength and areas where they can improve-helps
employees to be more successful.

4.        It helps employees in developing a proper plan of work.

5.        Focuses on personal and career development.

6.        Helps create personalized action plan.

7.        Gets the employees together on the goal and work better as a team.

8.        It acts as a great motivator for change.

9.        It helps an employee to develop professionally and be effective at work.

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