Strategic Planning: A Road Map to Your Future


“Alice came to a fork in the road, ‘Which road do I take?’ she asked.  ‘Where do you want to go?’ responded the Cheshire Cat.

‘I don’t know,’ Alice answered. ‘Then,’ said the Cat, ‘it doesn’t matter.”

                                 ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Strategic plans can be used as a road-map charting the path to meeting your goals. Are you looking to grow? Do you know how you will reach your goals? Do you know who is accountable for all the moving parts of your organization? Are you measuring the effectiveness of your initiatives?

How will you know what your organization needs to be competitive?

All of these questions are addressed in Strategic Planning. There are multiple forms of strategic planning, the most common being a S.W.O.T. analysis.  The acronym stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, but there are others as well that may fit your organization better.

If your company is going through a “transitional” phase, whether that be: growing, leadership issues, succession, or others that come to your mind, it’s the right time for strategic planning.

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