Miami Dolphins: A Lesson in Leadership


My original plan for this article was going to be on another subject matter, but the recent revelations in the Miami Dolphin organization has me extremely interested and inspired me to write on one of my favorite subjects – Leadership. To say that there was a leadership failure in that organization may be the understatement of the year.

As I gather information and listen to the pundits discuss their views on the story, I am amazed at how complicated this has all become. Was Jonathan Martin too soft? Should he have stood up to Incognito?/ Did he? Who knew what and when? Was this a “Code Red” as taken from the movie “A Few Good Men”?  Is this the “culture” of the NFL and does that make it acceptable? I could go on and on.

I try to boil things down to their simplest terms.  Extraordinary Leaders have basic tenants and two of the more prevalent ones are:

  1.   Treat people with Dignity and Respect.
  2.   Ask for feedback on how their actions affect other people’s performance.

If you think about them either separately or working in tandem, this situation may have been avoided if any or all individuals involved had followed these simple statements.

People talk about how difficult developing leaders has become and even more difficult is how to go about it.  I agree it takes commitment to develop leaders, but it may be more simple than we think.

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