Attitude and Results

Organizational and individual performance is shaped to a great degree by attitude. Our attitude determines what we believe we can accomplish, what we can expect and what we believe we’re worthy of. Attitudes are formed by our beliefs and play a significant role in the results we get. Companies search for causes of their performance but seldom look closely at their underlying beliefs for clues to the results they’re getting.

On Leadership and The Attitudes for Success | Linked 2 Leadership

When a person has finally come to the conclusion that they need to change their attitude, they must accept that it might take hard work and that it will not happen overnight. They should consult with those around them in order to find out what it is about them that others do not like. They should ask co-workers, bosses, friends and family members how they truly are perceived and then listen to the responses without interruption. They need to keep an open mind and allow their ego’s to take a back seat as they hear some potentially very hurtful information about themselves. Only people who genuinely want to change will make it past this step.

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