Isn’t it Time to Set Goals?

As we enter 2014, this is the perfect time to set goals. The start of the New Year brings the start of another year of possibility. We all know that without a map or destination point, we can literally never get there. Why is it then that we don’t set personal and business goals? 

“Goal-setting has provided me the ability to be able to see exactly where I am going to be in the future. It’s like creating your own crystal ball and showing yourself who you are in a years’ time. The simple act of setting goals has led me on a journey of travelling the world, meeting amazing people, starting my own businesses and building a healthy career and lifestyle.” Source: The Change Blog

Everyone knows the definition of Insanity. So let’s change our dynamic and the results we’ll achieve by doing things differently this year and begin that change by setting goals. Peter Drucker once said: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

If you need help getting started, just reply to this post.

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