Be Genuine to be a Good Leader

Everyone has a theory about leadership and has probably read multiple books before settling on the one that will influence them. It’s good to look for a theory that fits your values and belief systems.


“But the trouble with leadership theories is they’re easy to hide behind (often inaccurately). They become proxies for actual leadership. When something important is on the line, people don’t follow five-tiered triangles, four-box matrices, or three concentric circles. They follow real people.

I advise clients to capture theories of leadership in their own words. Merge book smarts with street smarts. Avoid using jargon and vague concepts.  Make it visceral and real. Keep it brief; write it on a single sheet of paper.”  The Trouble with Leadership Theories by Doug Sundheim


In order to get people to follow you, they need to believe in you and the credibility that you have with them goes a long way. The best way to build credibility is to be yourself.

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