Team Building the Answer for Doing More with Less

Everyone is “doing more with less”. Some companies are able to handle this changed condition of survival better than others. The old adage that the sum is greater than the individual parts, couldn’t be more true. So building Teams is highly desirable and important for the benefit of the organization and their employees who won’t be “burned out”.

“Work structures have changed, becoming more fluid and intertwined,” says CCL’s Michael Campbell. “The ability to lead teams and groups of all shapes and sizes is a core skill and the key to getting things done.”

So, whatever your formal role (team leader, manager or team member), here are three things you need to know about leading teams.

1. Effectiveness is not based on one metric.
2. Needs must be met.
3. Facilitation trumps expertise.

If you are looking for some help in building a Team or need some additional direction in these three areas, just hit the Contact Us tab or reply to this post.

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