Getting Focused

A client said to me “I’m working in the business instead of on the business”. Sound familiar? This is all too common for most business owners. The intention is to work on the business, but because you’re so lean, you are needed to put out any and all fires. There isn’t enough time in the day to get things completed let alone plan for the future. So that begs the question,

“Is strategic planning missing from your business? Sometimes you have so many things going on in your business that you can overlook many important things. You could lose your focus and end up mismanaging your business, projects or career. Sometimes in your business and career you may feel like something is missing and/ or not going right. The very thing that you could be missing in your business is strategic planning and strategic management. These 2 are the dynamic duo that can lead your business and career to success. They are the missing pieces to your puzzle. These 2 are the processes and tools that you need to help you keep your business operations running smoothly and in top shape. They help you to sort through your issues, develop sound plans, solutions and action steps for improvements.”

From CEO Business Management Solutions

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