Lean Enterprise

Lean is not just for manufacturing.  Every company can benefit from the application of lean principles. The application of the methods, techniques, and tools of lean across an organization is called Lean Enterprise.

Lean Enterprise is a business model that delivers superior performance for customers, employees, and shareholders.  The focus of Lean Enterprise is the delivery of exactly what customers, both internal and external, want without any waste, problems, hassles, delays, errors, or fire-fighting.

When lean principles are implemented effectively and institutionalized into an organization the benefits will be:

  • Improved process speed through the reduction of delays and idle time;
  • Improved quality through the reduction of mistakes, errors and defects;
  • Improved profitability.

Foxwood Associates Lean Enterprise advisors provide our clients with hands-on facilitation through the lean transformation process.

Building Value & Driving Profit….through Lean Enterprise.