4S Total Business Check-Up™

The Foxwood 4S Total Business Check-Up™ –  It’s all about Alignment & Balance.

The Foxwood 4S Total Business Check-Up™ is a comprehensive, factual and objective appraisal of the alignment and balance within and between the four Core Components of every business:  Structure, Systems, Skills, and Strategy.

This 100 point assessment provides an essential starting point for developing a detailed and executable action plan for improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness.  The assessment report will identify specific areas for improvement that have the most significant organizational impact.

Leadership can use the results of the Foxwood 4S Total Business Check-Up™ as a snap shot view of the current business condition or as a benchmarking tool to measure improvement over time.

The 4S Concept

Business is tough these days.  It’s even tougher when things aren’t running right.  Every business is comprised of multiple systems that have to function smoothly, but that isn’t enough.  Each of these systems must also work in harmony with every other system so that the whole business functions as it should, efficiently and effectively.  This is the 4S concept of alignment and balance.

We believe that there are four foundational components (4S) in every organization.  Each of these components plays a vital role in the overall health and well-being of an organization.  All organizational activity falls into one of these core components.  The four primary components are:

  • Structure: The formal and informal reporting relationships that influence organizational effectiveness.
  • Systems: The collection of attitudes, beliefs, and habits that determine culture and effect work flow, information flow, methods, metrics, and results.
  • Skills: The collective knowledge, talents, and abilities of the organization as they exist today and will need to exist in the future.
  • Strategy: Originally borrowed from the military and adapted for business use, strategy is the general framework that provides for the deployment of resources (people, capital, equipment) and provides guidance for the initiatives that are to be undertaken in the achievement of organizational objectives.

It is the alignment and balance of each system individually and in the interdependence between them that enables companies to effectively and efficiently carry out their missions.  Issues or changes in any one of these four core systems tends to create stress and dysfunction in the others.  Our unique 4S approach to assessing your business is specifically designed to address  inefficiency and ineffectiveness through organizational alignment and balance.

Building Value & Driving Profit….through Alignment and Balance.

Foxwood Advisors:

Mike Fabich

Greg Gauthier