4S Business Viability Assessment™

The Foxwood 4S Business Viability Assessment™  –  It’s all about Sustainability.

The Foxwood 4S Business Viability Assessment™ is a comprehensive, factual, and objective appraisal of the on-going viability of an organization based on the historic and current financial data and operating conditions.

At Foxwood we define business viability along three core attributes:

  • Positive cash flow from operations;
  • Positive earnings;
  • Sustainable future growth.

Business viability is assessed and evaluated around six central themes:

Market Viability explores the relationship between the company and its served markets.  In this area we are assessing the general understanding of the market place, the costing and pricing systems utilized by the company, the degree and effectiveness of promotional activities, customer demographics, and the movement of products and/or services from the company to the customer.

Product Viability assesses the relevance of company products and/or services to the wants and needs of the served markets.  In this section we are evaluating the process through which concepts and revisions are managed and moved to market, the breadth and depth of product and /or service offerings, and the relationship between company product and/or service offering features and end user benefits.

Competitive Advantage Viability evaluates the strength and sustainability of the company’s competitive advantage.  In this area we assess the source(s) of competitive advantage, the level of understanding of customer buying preferences, and barriers to competitive entry to served markets,

Management Model Viability is one of the two foundational components of the Foxwood Business Model Viability Assessment.   In this section we are evaluating management strength, structure, and depth.  We explore the decision making process, training and cross-training, management capability and capacity to effectively lead the organization in a sustainable growth mode, management systems and processes, and general leadership capabilities.

Operational Viability assesses the company’s ability to operate effectively and efficiently at current and projected volume levels.  In this area we evaluate process documentation and control, the ability of the organization to handle future growth, the company’s supply chain, and the manner in which physical assets are deployed and maintained.

Economic & Financial Viability is one the second of the two foundational components of the Foxwood Business Model Viability Assessment.  In this complex area we assess key financial and economic criteria using the previous twelve months of financial data.  We evaluate balance sheet strength based on key solvency and safety metrics, the capital structure or the organization, profitability, and cash management.

Stakeholders can use the results of the 4S Business Viability Assessment™ as input data for critical business decisions as well as a road map for moving forward and improving and enhancing business viability.

Building Value & Driving Profit….through Enhanced Business Viability.

Foxwood Advisors:

Mike Fabich

Greg Gauthier

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