Corporate Revitalization

Periods of economic, financial, and operational distress pose special challenges to the capabilities of most businesses.  Today’s increased competitive landscape and recent economic trends have combined to create an environment in which no business can take stability for granted.

Many companies have turned to downsizing as a stopgap measure to improve economic health.  However, no business ever cut its way to prosperity and downsizing often has its own set of unintended consequences.

In days gone by, financial institutions could take control of client businesses that were in serious financial trouble.  Today, such an approach could be viewed as equity participation.  A business renewal specialist, operating as either an interim leader or consultant can temporarily take over the decision-making process and put the business on the path toward stability.

A Foxwood business renewal specialist brings objectivity and a fresh pair of eyes to troubled situations.  There are no political agendas or other influences to bias the business decision-making process.  This allows us to make good decisions, that while sometimes unpopular, are often required for business survival.





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