Philosophy & Principles


Our advisory style has been shaped by years of leading and running companies. Our experience has shown that problems will be solved more effectively and stay solved if the client organization learns to solve the problems themselves. We also know that solutions must be practical, executable, and sustainable to remain successful.  Our role is to create an effective advisory relationship whereby we pass on diagnostic and problem solving skills to the client.

Engagement Principles

  • The client must share in a joint diagnostic process and be actively
    involved in generating a remedy.
  • How things are done between people is as important as what is done.
  • The issue is ultimately the client’s.  Any intervention must be owned by the client.
  • The final decision on alternatives remains in the hands of the client.
  • Everything must be done with sensitivity to the client’s culture and current reality.
  • If a specialized resource is needed, we will help the client find an expert.