Leadership Bedrock® 360-Degree Leadership Assessment

Leadership is the social process of exerting influence for the dual purposes of operating to achieve objectives, and improving the organization.  In the absence of these two primary purposes, leadership has no practical value to an organization.

The Foxwood Leadership Bedrock Framework provides the foundation for teaching and practicing leadership at all levels of an organization.

At Foxwood Associates we define leadership as:

“Influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation; while operating to accomplish the mission and improve the organization.”

The ability of senior leaders to provide effective leadership has a significant impact on organizational performance.  The Leadership Bedrock® 360-Degree Leadership Assessment provides leaders with a comprehensive summary of how their leadership skills are evaluated by their direct supervisor, peers and/or direct reports.

This 100 point assessment is based upon Foxwood’s Leadership Bedrock Framework that identifies thirty individual leadership competencies and groups them into five core leadership clusters that underlie effective leadership behavior.

The  Leadership Bedrock® Framework:

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The Leadership Bedrock® 360-Degree Leadership Assessment provides an essential starting point for initiating a detailed and executable leadership development plan for improving leader effectiveness.  The results are conveyed in organizationally relevant terms and will focus on what effective leaders do to influence both individual and organizational success.

Leadership Bedrock is a registered trademark of Foxwood Associates, Inc.





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