Leadership Bedrock®

Bedrock 250X250A Solid Foundation for Leadership

Leadership Bedrock is a foundational leadership development program designed to provide emerging and existing leaders the opportunity to explore the concept of leadership and to develop and improve their leadership skills.

Companies desiring to embed solid leadership as a component of their organizational culture will find Leadership Bedrock an ideal platform.  Leadership Bedrock creates a common leadership language and describes in organizationally relevant terms what effective leaders do to influence both individual and organizational success.

Leadership Bedrock is built around the Foxwood Associates Leadership Competency Model, which incorporates the skills, abilities and other characteristics that underlie effective leadership behavior.  Thirty-one individual competencies are grouped into the following “clusters”:Framework v2 150429

  • Leading Self
  • Leading Others
  • Leading Operational Performance
  • Leading the Strategic Organization
  • Effective Communication

The specific components of the
Leadership Bedrock Program are:

  • Module 1: How We Lead Matters
  • Module 2: Leading the Organization
  • Module 3: Creating a High Performance Team
  • Leadership Bedrock® 360-Degree Leadership Assessment
  • Leadership Competency Ranking Survey

For additional information on our proprietary Leadership Bedrock process, please e-mail us at:  leadershipbedrock@foxwoodassociates.com