Foxwood Equity Partners

Foxwood Equity Partners is a private equity holding group founded by the senior advisors of Foxwood Associates.  Operational investing means putting our money where our advice is.  By taking an equity position in a client’s business we are able to create value and transform lives, families, companies, and communities in northeast Wisconsin.  Whether our participation is a small investment or a complete purchase, our goal is to help business owners realize the potential in their company  and to ensure its continued growth and prosperity after the transaction.

Why choose Foxwood?

  • We understand an owners perspective and have the ability and desire to address his/her financial and non-financial issues.
  • Our advisors have the qualifications and experience to mine the true, hidden value in an investment opportunity.
  • Our breadth and depth of experience enables us to partner with existing management teams to bridge team gaps and supplement team strengths.
  • During periods of tight credit, we have access to capital from high net worth individuals and  a willingness to take on operational risk that other lenders may shy away from.
  • Our preferred exit strategy is to sell the business back to the management team and/or employees, thereby creating more ownership opportunities in northeast Wisconsin.

What do we look for in an investment opportunity?

  • Annual revenue of $5 -$25 million.
  • Financial performance below expectations.
  • Unrealized product and/or market opportunities with growth potential.
  • Transitioning or incomplete management.
  • The ability to develop a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Headquartered in eastern Wisconsin.
  • Regional or national distribution.

What are our preferred industries?

  • Manufacturing
  • Processing and Packaging
  • High-Volume Assembly
  • Technology
  • Distribution

For additional information on Foxwood Equity Partners please contact:

Mike Fabich – 920.246-2724
Greg Gauthier – 920.676.5910
Dennis Van Lannen – 920.366.9555


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