Basic Leadership Series


At Foxwood Associates we define leadership as:


“Influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation; while operating to accomplish the mission and improve the organization.”


Our competency model based approach to Leadership Development incorporates clusters of knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics that underlie effective individual behavior.  The individual competencies included in the Foxwood Associates Competency Model describe, in organizationally relevant terms, what effective leaders do to influence both individual and organizational success.  Behavior drives action.  Action drives results.

The Foxwood Basic Leadership Series is a series of five four-hour sessions designed to provide tailored instruction to businesses to address their most pressing leadership and management needs.  We can set up seminars ranging from a half day to three days in length.  Most seminars are one day seminars and include two topics.  A typical block of instruction would last approximately four hours and include a practical exercise.  Any course listed here can be modified to suit the needs of the customer.  Additional courses are available upon request.  The desired class size would be between five and fifteen students.  Most courses involve significant discussion and interaction and so a small class works best.

Improving Organizational Effectiveness:  The intent of this course is to outline effective practices for: meetings, daily requirements, recurring commitments, periodic reviews of business events, and cyclic assessments with an eye to establishing a productive business rhythm.  After completing this course managers will know how to shape the leadership culture of their organization.

Leadership Development:  A focused review of coaching, counseling, and mentorship.  This course provides businesses with a competency model framework for leadership development within their organization.

Problem Solving Processes:  Provides leaders with a step by step method for problem solving along with effective techniques for decision making.  Leaders can apply a straightforward and logical system to develop solutions to their most challenging problems.

Time Management:  This course helps individuals and teams make the best use of their available time by improving a leader’s ability to define roles, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines.

Direct Supervision:  Provide those leaders, managers, and supervisors the tools to be successful in dealing with direct reports.  This course focuses on basic management skills for emerging managers.

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