Everything Leadership™


Everything Leadership is a hands-on leadership development program designed specifically for today’s business leaders.  Comprised of six four-hour modules, this program will provide both existing and emerging leaders with the solid leadership foundation required to lead in today’s business climate.   The framework for this program is the Foxwood Associates Leadership Competency Model which identifies and groups specific skill sets and behaviors used and exhibited by effective leaders.


 “The Foxwood Associates Everything Leadership program allowed me to take a step back and view
leadership in an objective way.  The breakdown of essential competencies gives a specific direction to
decision making,personnel management, and productive leadership techniques.  I would
recommend anyone in a leadership position to reach out to Foxwood and enroll in this program.”

Allyn Emery
Green Bay Pallet, Inc.

 “The Everything Leadership course was both enjoyable and beneficial.
It challenged me to think of leadership in ways I hadn’t thought of before,
and it gave me tools that I can use to make me a better leader.
It was a good experience that I would recommend to others.”

Jeff Johnson
Executive Director
Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity



Module 1:  Leadership Foundations; Effective Communication

Course Description:  Participants will be introduced to the Foxwood Associates Leadership Competency Model and the Leadership Lens™.  Leaders will learn the critical leadership disciplines fundamental to any leadership system.  In Part II of this session participants will learn the elements of the communication model and principles for effective communication.

With the powerful knowledge gained during this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and apply leadership principles to everyday business situations.
  • Recognize and develop leadership opportunities in themselves and others.
  • Understand and apply methods of communicating for impact.

Module 2:  Leading Self

Course Description:  Self-awareness is the starting point in any leadership development process.  Participants will gain an insight into the reasons for present performance and discover the key to unlocking their personal leadership potential.  Leaders will be introduced to the central tenets of leading self.

With the powerful knowledge gained during this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply techniques to improve your personal leadership effectiveness.
  • Maximize the cascading positive impact to business of effectively leading self.
  • Apply time and task management techniques to improve personal and business performance.

Module 3:  Leading Others: Coaching Individuals for Peak Performance

Course Description: Since all leadership occurs within the construct of individual, one-on-one relationships, mastery of the one-on-one relationship is essential to leadership success. Participants will learn the techniques for establishing effective relationships.

With the powerful knowledge gained during this course, you will be able to:

  •  Establish relationships based on trust and mutual respect.
  • Understand and apply the principles and techniques to foster motivation and improve individual and organizational performance.
  • Apply the principles of effective delegation for individual development and achievement of full potential.

Module 4:  Leading Others: Building a Team

Course Description: This session is directed at the skill set necessary for building, managing, and maintaining effective teams.

With the powerful knowledge gained during this course, you will be able to:

  •  Differentiate between teams and work groups and utilize each appropriately.
  • Build effective teams that profit your business.
  • Maximize team performance through expectations and accountability.

Module 5:  Leading Performance and Change

Course Description: In this session participants will learn how to improve business performance and lead change initiatives. The focus is on the value derived from the consistent execution of systems and processes.

With the powerful knowledge gained during this course, you will be able to:

  • Improve productivity and efficiency through effective operational leadership.
  • Utilize our tools and techniques to consistently manage change and improve performance across the organization and in different situations.

Module 6:  Leading the Organization

Course Description: Strategic leadership reinforces the concept of alignment and balance at all levels of the organization.  Strategic management focuses on the work required to accomplish the mission and lead the organization forward.

With the powerful knowledge gained during this course, you will be able to:

  •  Apply the Foxwood 4S Model (Structure, Systems, Skills, and Strategy) for organizational alignment and balance.
  • Understand the critical importance of culture, vision, and mission and how each impacts organizational performance.
  • Perform an informal assessment of your organization.

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