Performing To Potential™: Refresh & Rebuild

“Performing to Potential:  Refresh and Build” is a half-day workshop designed for alumni of previous cognitive psychology training conducted by Jerry Loritz and Greg Gauthier who want a refresher in the concepts and to learn more about how to apply for the material.

This workshop will identify successful applications of the concepts, new ideas and delve into techniques for tackling many every-day challenges.

  • We will review the fundamental concepts and keys to success for applying them
  • We will identify typical issues with application both personally and in organizations
  • We will present examples of successful implementation of organization change using the principles of cognitive psychology we teach
  • Participants will engage in discussion around their experience applying the concepts

The concepts work.  The approaches are proven.  Olympic athletes, professional athletes, military Special Forces and many other companies and individuals use this thinking to achieve their goals.

If you’re like many, you enjoyed the program and were excited about what you learned but the realities of the “real world” may have taken the edge off. If this is you and you’d like to take your understanding and application of the material to a higher level, then this course is for you.  

The workshop will run from 10AM to 2:30PM. Tuition includes all materials, refreshments and lunch.

Program Fees:$175  includes all workshop materials, refreshments and lunch

Special Rate for Multiple Attendees: $150 each for 2 or more attendees from the same organization


There are no sessions currently scheduled.  Please check back regularly.

For Additional Information Contact:

Greg Gauthier

Jerry Loritz



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